St. Michael Angler Competing in Photo Contest

A "big fish" made for a perfect family photo recently for a St. Michael man and his kids. Now, he could win some cool gear with this snapshot.

It was a bright, warm (relatively speaking) day over the Christmas holiday break when Jeff Byboth of St. Michael decided to pack up his three kids and set up some "tip ups" on a nearby Wright County lake for some ice fishing. 

A while after getting things rolling, the trap was set and Byboth pulled in a 30-inch northern pike, much to the surprise of his oldest son and lone daughter. His youngest, a 2-year-old, had a much different reaction. 

You can vote for Byboth's photo in a contest on AnglerandHunter.com. If he wins, he'll pull in some nice hunting and fishing gear. And maybe get something that will put a smile back on that little guy's face. 


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