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Wright Learning Center

By Brandon Schoen

            Have you ever thought an alternative high school could be such a positive influence?  For students that come from different backgrounds, the Wright Learning Center is a great place to enroll.

            Wright Learning Center (WLC) is an alternative high school located in the Wright Technical Center in Buffalo.  The Learning Center classes are typically smaller than classes in area high schools.  Having smaller classes provides a better opportunity to get one-on-one help from a teacher whenever help is needed.  A smaller student body provides a friendly atmosphere because students know each other.  WLC is a great place to catch up on credits that students missed in classes when they fell behind.  The best part of WLC is that students are accepted from many local communities including Annandale, Delano, Maple Lake, Big Lake, Howard Lake, Monticello, Waverly, Winsted, St. Michael and Buffalo.   WLC is my favorite high school!  Many others feel the same way.

            At Wright Learning Center, there are all the core academic classes such as Math, English, Social Studies, and Science.  There are also technical classes available for students to explore.  Students not only get the traditional high school education, but they also have the chance to get college-level credits in classes such as Welding, Child Care, Cosmetology and many more.

            One great feature of the Wright Learning Center is that the teachers are very caring and devote their time to helping students.  Their only goal seems to be encouraging students to realize their full capabilities and recover credits.  Teachers also want students to have fun while learning.  Every class is a great time with the WLC teachers. 

            For students who may have a hard time in some classes, no worries. There is a tutor, Mrs. Carlson, who is available to help anyone who is struggling or new in WLC.  Independent Study is a class offered one day a week.  Students work independently on packets in the subjects they need and work at their own pace.  There is a teacher, Ms. Clark, available to help you with everything you need. After school programs are also available! There is a Thursday afternoon school from 2:30-3:30 to earn extra credits.   Technical classes in the Wright Technical Center offer elective credits, and for dedicated, hard-working students, college credits.  There are many great opportunities at the WLC high school.

            Wright Learning Center is the best high school choice for alternative students!  Small classes, caring teachers, credit recovery programs, and technical classes are all available.  Every class is enjoyable and the staff is very supportive in helping students move forward to a higher education.   The ability of students to work at their own pace is very helpful in recovering lost credits in a wonderful alternative high school!

            If you have fallen behind in high school but want to graduate on time, Wright Learning Center is the place for you.  Go to school full time and catch up on missing credits in order to graduate with your home school diploma.  Don’t wait.  Enroll today!



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