Wright Technical Graphic Arts Program by Taylor Pitts

Have you ever wondered about a Graphic Arts program?  The Graphic Communication program at Wright Technical Center is taught by instructor Mike McLain.  The program is centered around hands-on arts with plenty of time spent on each topic covered.  Students will learn the basic skills of Graphic Arts such as Photoshop, computer programs, screen printing on t-shirts, and problem-solving.

The class is very hands-on and Mr. McLain is a good teacher who will always have the answers to your questions.  All of the students in the class receive plenty of individual help to get them on track with their projects.  If students finish the semester program with a B or better, they will be able to earn college credits. 

The Graphic Arts field has a variety of career skills and opportunities such as promotional advertising, illustrating, screen printing, and much more.  Anyone who chooses the field of graphic arts has many career choices and learning the basics will expand the opportunities.

The Graphics classroom is very open and has plenty of equipment that helps students learn with hands-on projects.  At least half of the class every day is spent using the equipment for working on students’ own projects.  Because of the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment, students will have experience and skills when they get to college. 

If high school students want to learn about graphic arts or expand their knowledge in the field of arts, the Graphics Communication program at Wright Technical Center is a great opportunity.  Students get plenty of hands-on, individual help from the instructor.  Students work hard and are willing to help each other.  At the Wright Technical Center, students can improve their skills and be prepared for the career of a lifetime.


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