5 Facts About the Crow River

The 125-mile Crow River, North Fork flows through Hanover and St. Michael.

In several areas around the community, residents can see the Crow River as it makes its way to the Mississippi River.

Here are a few facts about the waterway: 

  1. The Crow River, North Fork is about 125 miles as it flows southeast from Lake Koronis until it joins the Mississippi River in Dayton, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The Crow River borders the east portion of Wright County.
  2. Most portions of the river are considered to be part of a state-designated canoe and boating route, “the North Fork is generally considered to be the main stem, the best maintained, and the best canoeing.”
  3. The North Fork of the Crow was added to Minnesota’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Program in 1976.
  4. Wright County has several park locations to access the river, including Riverside County Park in Hanover and Crow Springs County Park near Buffalo.
  5. Some of the fish in the Crow River have included, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, carp, redhorse, white sucker, channel catfish, black bullhead and bass. 

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Marge May 13, 2013 at 06:48 PM
There should be access in St Michael too.
Carol Wolff May 14, 2013 at 11:41 AM
Be cautious paddling thru St Michael on days they are shooting at the trap shooting range. I paddled from Hanover and had left my truck in the dog park lot. I didn't want to paddle thru where they were shooting so my friend and I bush wacked thru fallen trees and brush to ask them to stop shooting long enough for us to get thru. We were told to "find a different river". I explained that we had been paddling all afternoon and just needed to get to the dog park area. They told us to bring our kayaks out the way we had just hiked which was hard enough to get thru with out a kayak. They told us there was an easier path and finally agreed to show us where it was. At the last minute the agreed to stop shooting to let us paddle thru. We were barely thru when they started shooting again. The "Good Ole Boys Club" was not very friendly. Our tax dollars built that side of the bridge specifically to protect the traffic from their shots. The least they could do is be more accommodating to the very few paddlers that come down that public waterway. By the way that is a beautiful river to paddle - I have done the hanover to Dayton route and love it. It would be great to have an access near St Michael that we could drive right up to.
Patti Gangelhoff May 15, 2013 at 05:55 PM
My girlfiend's mother and her three friends drowned on the Crow River in 1980 or '81. They were canoeing and went over the rapids near Rogers/Corcoran. All 4 drowned. We love to canoe, but I am forever "spooked" by this river and can't go near it. Be careful.
Penny July 15, 2013 at 11:24 AM
There is access in St. Michael. It's down by the recreation center behind the dirt bike area. Follow the signs. Just kayaked down the river this past Saturday. Took 3 hours from Hanover to Dayton. Absolutely beautiful! There weren't any rapids near Rogers/Corcoran.
Shane Hanson January 04, 2014 at 12:42 AM
The north fork is a fun little river to paddle. I have done the trip from Albrights mill down to the mississippi 4 times now. Theres always some danger when dealing with rivers. Log jams, dead falls, hanging limbs, and other unexpecting things. You just need to know how to handle them. The only thing that spooked me on this river was when I went by St. Mike and were the old bar/dam used to be. During high water there can be one hell of a whirlpool. I would highly recommend you scout the river before any major trip. I also ran through some good rapids in the St. Mike area to the same year I hit that big whirlpool.... A local told me once that the rapids was an old dam sight ... The rapids was one of the quick fun parts of the trip... Just remember to wear a life vest and you will be fine.... I recomend camping and canoeing this river to anyone and its a good family day trip from gun club down to dayton. No snags in that trip. Most of the snags are from rogers back in the wood lands and marsh area, but the wild life action is one of the best in those area.


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