Community Voices Concern About Dangerous Intersections in St. Michael and Albertville

When Patch asked users about the most dangerous intersections in their neighborhoods, STMA residents pointed out several problem areas.


Community members took to Facebook last week after St. Michael Patch asked, "What are the most dangerous intersections in your neighborhood?"

St. Michael and Albertville residents pointed out a few problems — from consistently seeing too many drivers going the wrong way on a one-way road, to blind spots on busy intersections.

The most common intersection listed was County Road 19 and Minnesota State Highway 241 in Albertville, because it poses a blind corner and people habitually come close to running a red light.

Here's what residents posted on St. Michael Patch's Facebook page about this intersection:

  • Another vote for 241 and 19. I have lost count of how many times I've seen folks run the red light. And people still don't have the straight through / turn lanes figured out from 19 to the one-way pair.
  • 241 and 19 for sure. That blind corner is a bad deal.
  • If I'm the first car at the stoplight on 241 in front of the Corner Bar, I will wait a minimum of 5 seconds once the light turns green to ensure no one runs the light. Very, very dangerous.
  • I'm glad to know you aren't the car honking at me when I do the same thing.
  • 19/241/35 - nearly every time I am driving on that road, which is usually 4 times a day), someone is driving the wrong way on the one way. One of these days someone is going to be seriously hurt or killed if nothing is done to improve this or monitor it. It is far worse than it was before they instituted the one way.
  • As per 19 & 241/35; If the Corner bar were to move to the old Thrifty White, We could call it the 'Kiddy Corner Bar". The removal of existing building would help with safety and appearance to this intersection as it highly reflects the image perceived by visitors to St. Micheal.

Residents also voiced concerns with other intersections along County Road 19 — its intersections with County Road 37, 57th Street Northeast, and Heights Road West.

When turning onto Heights Road West from County Road 19, there's no southbound right turn lane, one user pointed out, adding that the danger increases when there are kids playing on snow piles at the end of driveways. View is also obstructed by mailbox groupins on the south side of Heights Road at the intersection, the user added.

Other concerns were about intersections near schools, such as the intersection of County Road 19 and 50th Street Northeast near St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West.

Another school intersection mentioned was County Road 19 and 70th Street Northeast. "People come flying through, lots of traffic with morning and afternoon drop-offs at the Charter School, and many that make last-minute decisions to either turn onto or pull out of 70th," one commenter wrote. "I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents at that intersection."

Concern was also voiced about 50th Street Northeast and Lansing Avenue Northeast.

"I wish there was a pedestrian crossing at the top of Lansing and 50th Street. From the Highlands sidewalk to the North side of 50th," a user wrote. "Too many kids not being seen."

Other intersections that were noted include:

  • Maple Knoll Way Northwest and Jason Avenue Northeast, where "people go way over the posted" speed limit.
  • County Road 119 and Minnesota State Highway 241. "If you are headed south, you can't see if someone is turning onto 119 from 241. Seen way too many start to cross and slam on the brakes."
  • Minnesota State Highway 241 and Naber Avenue Northeast in St. Michael.
  • Interstate 94 east and County Road 37 — trying to go eastbound on 37 after exiting from 94 east.

Frankfort Parkway Northeast in St. Michael was also mentioned as having several dangerous intersections:

  • Naber Avenue Northeast and Frankfort Parkway Northeast: "There is a very busy (and unguarded) crosswalk there utilized by many kids going to/from Big Woods (Elementary School) and (St. Michael-Albertville Middle School) East," one user wrote. "So many cars speed across this stretch of Naber, not even noticing kids in the crosswalk. Makes me want to SCREAM!! It's incredibly dangerous for pedestrians!"
  • Cottonwood Avenue Northeast and Frankfort Parkway Northeast: "There is a stop sign on one side, nobody sees it, and I personally have almost gotten into like three crashes," one user wrote.
  • Frankfort Parkway Northeast and Edgewood Drive: "There (are) too many blind spots from trees/landscaping on Frankfort Pkwy and on Edgewood by CVS. Blocks traffic view," one person wrote.
  • "I think there should be a four way stop at Frankfurt Parkway and MacGiver," one resident wrote. "People come up and over the hill on MacGiver so quickly and it's especially dangerous for runners/pedestrians or families who might be trying to bike to or from Highwoods Park."
papa. hawk January 31, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Case in point. The Stop sign @ 19 and Heights W was taken out by a motorist as a result of the last snow/ice fall. South bound on 19 turning right onto Heights without a turn lane and vehicles behind bearing down @ 45 miles per hour, makes this turn a bit tricky with the US postal services bank of mail boxes at this corner vs using the next quiet corner one block west. To add to the mayhem; the resident on the NW corner has decided to park his toy haler trailer between his home and cr-19 making it nearly impossible to see traffic coming south bound on 19 without sticking the nose of your vehicle inches from crossing traffic. I'd like to know the name of the city official who allowed this house on the corner a build permit in the first place. It used to be a vacant lot, with great sight lines. I'm sure the previous owner sold the lot when the market was strong. an investor with strong pull in the city got a build permit. Built a spec home and sold it to the first unsuspecting new home owner who took the bate. The home has changed hands 3-4 times since. Poor ethics in my book.


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