GALLERY: Beating the Heat's a Breeze at St. Michael's Beebe Lake

Hundreds flocked to the lakeshore and water to dodge the week's scorching temperatures. With the heat and humidity set to return, Friday might be another day at the beach.

Beebe Lake beach was the place to be Wednesday afternoon. With the parking lot at capacity, the beach and water were full of families trying to beat the heat in the water.

“It’s not too bad in the water,” St. Michael resident, Marie Theis shared, “we were out jetski-ing and tubing and it wasn’t so bad. My niece is visiting from Nevada and this isn’t so bad for her.”

At 3 p.m. with temps looming around the 96-degree mark, without the added in heat index (around 110), water was a must.

“We’ve just been playing football in the shade,” Hanover resident, Ben Brazys said in between sips of his water. “My mom keeps texting me to remind me to drink lots of water though, so I am.”

Some people actually enjoyed the heat wave. 

“I like this weather!” Jessie Tomann of Plymouth said, “Really, Monday and Tuesday were way worse. It’s not so bad today. We lasted a couple of hours.”

With the heat and humidity set to return, Friday and Saturday might be another day at the beach.  


Editor's Note: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of the lake's name. St. Michael Patch regrets the error and any confusion it might have caused. 


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