Parent Talk: The Best & Worst of Mother's Day

Moms and Dads, share your best and worst Mother's Day stories with Patch.

Mother's Day is coming–just 10 days away now–and Patch wants to know how you plan on celebrating the moms in your life.

Most moms love anything their kids make, whether it's a plant in a styrofoam cup or a handprinted card. Dads and kids can never go wrong with handmade kids gifts.

Yet, we've all heard those great stories of the time dad got mom a new vacuum. Or better yet, the time there was a bowling ball for mom for Mother's Day, and mom wasn't so pleased.

So what gifts aren't on mom's list this year? Here's a sampling of things most moms don't want:

1. Anything weight-loss related. Nothing says "I love you" like saying it's time for a diet or more exercise will do you good. Don't do it.

2. Nothing bath and body. Most moms have enough of this stuff to last a lifetime, and then some. Don't do it.

3. Anything cleaning or household related. This means vacuums, pots and pans and even tools. Don't do it.

4. Something for yourself. Mother's Day is not the time to buy mom the item on your wish list and try to sneak it in as a gift for her. She will see right through you. Don't do it.

5. Anything "World's Greatest Mom". She will never wear the t-shirt, hat or visor and definitely doesn't need one more coffee mug. Don't do it.

Dads, what kind of Mother's Day blunders have you made over the years? What are some of the good gifts you've found and given? Mom's what are some of your best and worst gifts? Tell us in comments.

Willow May 03, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Hmmmm....I'm tickled when I get new pots and pans, a new vacuum or ooh! ooh! kitchen hand towels! I'm a sucker for anything practical or with my kids' names/photos on it. Maybe it's because I do fall short but I've never received anything "World's Greatest Mom" but if I did, I'd wear it proudly. A good don't would be don't buy mom something that she recently got rid of, saying how thrilled she was to finally be rid of the thing. Don't ask me how I know. I think the key is to really get to know this woman in your life. Listen when she says, "Oh, you know what would be so helpful to me....?" or *sniff* "Wow, that scent is heavenly." or "Boy, I sure miss that rose bush that died off in 2010...."


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