Readers Choice: Best Cup of Coffee Found at ...

This year's Readers Choice Awards (Best Of) kicked off the way many of us kick-start our day–with a cup of coffee. This year's winner is a familiar favorite.

We kicked off our Readers' Choice 2012 Awards with our Best Of nomination for cups of coffee, and your cup overflowed.

We had literally hundreds of voters participate, but the answer to the question "who's got the best cup?" came thorugh loud and clear.

in Albertville dominated the voting, getting 62 percent of the votes cast by our St. Michael Patch readers over the last two weeks.

in St. Michael came in second, with in Albertville receiving third.

Our commuters, who can grab coffee while they pump gas, even leaned toward Caribou, according to some of the comments I received while talking with people about the poll.

"I'll go out of my way," said one Caribou customer. "The service is that good, and the coffee is great."

It's not a surprise. The Albertville Caribou Coffee is one of the top performing stores in Minnesota, according to store staff (and awards posted via company newsletters).

The conversation spurred by our comments stream was also a highlight. Some expressed how they missed Ambrosia's, the St. Michael Bakery. The coffee spot that opened briefly next to Coborns when that area first developed was also mentioned.

Stay tuned for more contests throughout the year!


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