Sadie’s Coffee Adds Long-Awaited Espresso Machine

Lattes and steamers are set to go after St. Michael coffee shop expands its menu.

Since opening Sadie’s Coffee about eight months ago, Kim Walden’s top wish is to add that “swirling” sound synonymous with coffee shops – an espresso machine.

Steamers, lattes and mochas – that’s what the public wants, she said.

Now, that day is here. The shop is ready to roll with a new machine. Though Kim is still looking for baristas.

Sadie’s, of course, is a product of the success of Midwest Rubs, run by Richard Brown and Jason Strickland

With operations happening in the back, the trio needed a store front. A store selling meat rubs was not what they had in mind.

So the idea for Sadie’s Coffee was born. With both a taekwondo studio and dance studio on site in addition to post office, church office and other miscellaneous traffic in the building, the location couldn’t be better.

“The evenings are when we expect to be busier as there are always lots of parents waiting for their kids in the hallways [of Colonial Mall],” said Walden.

The coffee shop opened in April. The shop is named after Brown and Walden’s granddaughter, Sadie, and also happens to be a family name on both sides.

They are serving Bull Run Coffee daily, and will specialize in a coffee of the month from a roaster out of Louisiana for flavored coffees. In addition to coffee, they’re serving slushies for kids and have an arrangement of pastries delivered daily from a local baker.

“We’re excited,” Walden said. “We had no plans of owning a coffee shop originally."

"Then again, I never thought I’d have my own seasonings in grocery stores,” Brown added.

Sadie’s is open Monday-Thursday 6 a.m to 9 p.m., Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m, and Saturday/Sunday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.




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