Some Sassy Barbecue Secrets from Here in the Twin Cities

You don't have to go all the way to Kansas City for a great rack of ribs, or the Bayou for brisket. Here's a behind the scenes look with "Order Up" at some sweet BBQ here in the Twin Cities suburbs.

Wild Boar opened just after St. Patrick's Day and has been dishing out ribs, pulled pork and other foods at a breakneck pace ever since. Using a kitchen not more than three people deep, Chef Dave Donner has crafted a menu of flavors unique to Main Street. 

Chef Donner takes a personal, creative approach to everything that happens in his kitchen and on the floor. He takes particular pride in the two sauces which give a distinct taste to the Sassy Sow, the most popular sandwich on their menu. While he doesn't give a complete recipe, he's eager to share some of the ingredients that make them so special.


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