VOTE: Local Entrepreneur in the Running to Get Product on QVC

Sean and Payton Hernandez are hoping to take Wbits, their invention, global with the help of QVC and your vote.

Sean and Payton Hernandez are back at it with their invention, as Wbits is hoping to make it on the nation's premier "home shopping" network. 

Wbits, those handy, little water bottle "identification" toppers, were invented by Albertville's Sean Hernandez with the suggestion of his daughter, 9-year-old Payton. 

So far, the toppers are selling strong at Bed, Bath and Beyond. But now, the 
next chapter; after 3 long months of working with the national network, Payton's Wbits: Water Bottle ID Toppers are now up for voting on QVC Sprouts.

"This is a huge honor," Sean said. "We were told up front that only a very few, select products are ever considered, let alone, approved."

Wbitz was approved on Friday and went up for voting this past Saturday. Voting will last a total of 14 days.

"If we win," Sean said, "we move onto the next stage of having Wbits sold online on QVC. If that goes well we get a TV spot.. This is a huge opportunity on the biggest stage there is. We need every vote we can get to win it."

You can either google "QVC Sprouts Voting" or simply click the link below and vote for Wbits!

So far there hasn't been a Minnesota winner for QVC Sprouts (or any 9-year-old girls, for that matter, Sean said).

"Time to put Minnesota on the QVC map!"he added. 

There is only one vote allowed for each computer, tablet or phone.

"It's super easy voting, no login/password needed. I would really appreciate it," Sean said, adding the amount of support he's received from the STMA community has been outstanding. 

Vote for Wbits here.


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