Snow: A 'Love-Hate Relationship' in St. Michael and Albertville

St. Michael and Albertville residents said on Facebook that although it's no fun driving in it, so far the snow is a good thing.


Good feelings about the snow ranged from loving to look at it to giving people a reason to slow down.

St. Michael and Albertville area Facebook users this morning commented on St. Michael Patch's Facebook page on their feelings about the snow — many say they enjoy it.

Users answered the question, "Are you loving or hating the snow at this point?"

Here's what people said:

  • I love looking out the window and seeing it, but I'm not looking forward to taking my daughter to preschool later!
  • It's a love hate relationship!
  • This season is way too long to start hating it yet. Thankful for the white stuff even if it slows us down a bit. Talk to me in February and I may answer differently.
  • I love looking at AND driving in it
  •  I'm enjoying it, but I haven't had to be out in it much. My husband may feel differently about it.
  • Loved the later school start for the kids!
  • Love Love Love
  • Love! Work at home day!
  • Everybody needs a reason to slow down a little. I love it. Beautiful! Kids are also having a blast playing in it!
  • Love it! It's my day off and I really enjoy looking outside and having it look like Christmas.
  • It's great... I hope it stays until Christmas and then we don't see anymore until next winter
  • Love it!
  • I heard there's a nasty stomach bug going around...maybe this is a good way to halt it a little?  I like the snow, but I have the hubs to go out to get me emergency supplies and don't have to drive in it. 
  • Loving!
  • Love to see it fall..hate to drive in it
  • Loving.
  • Love it now let's make some ice and go fishing


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