Updated: AUDIO: High Speed Chase Ends in Albertville Backyard

A wanted drug felon led authorities on a high speed chase after deputies tried to serve him a warrant Friday night in Rogers.

A wanted man led Wright County deputies on a high-speed chase through St. Michael and then Albertville before crashing his vehicle into a swamp near Friday night.

Wright County Deputies intercepted the man, who fled when he was served a warrant for an outstanding drug felony charge, as he entered St. Michael and chased him through the central portion of town, tracking him down Edgewood Drive and across Highway 241.

As he blew through stop signs and traffic lights, Wright County deputies set up Stop Sticks on 50th Street near the St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West.

The perpetrator, indeed, headed north to 50th Street and then headed west on 50th, coming across the spikes at speeds greater than 80 mph, according to the report captured by Police Clips.

As he crossed the sticks, the man popped at least two tires, possibly three, a deputy reported to dispatch. He then crossed the intersection of County Road 19 and continued west on Jason Avenue/County Road 18.

The felon tried to shake the pursuit by heading on to Cedar Creek Golf Course, via a residential backyard, after losing control of the vehicle, which had completely lost one tire during the chase.

The car ended up stopping by a swamp near Cedar Creek, the felon tried to flee but was detained after jumping into the swamp, witnesses say.

He came very close to hitting people within the parking lot, one witness reported.

"It was a once in a lifetime site," Cedar Creek Employee Dustin Thompson said. The red Pontiac was followed by five Police cars through the fairway and left plenty of damage in the wake. "There are a lot of skid marks, especially on the 5th hole fairway," Thompson said.

A full report from Cedar Creek is not yet available.

You can listen to the chase, again via Police Clips, via this recording of scanner chatter between deputies and Wright County Dispatch.

No deputies were hurt in the chase. Witnesses said the man who led the chase was treated by ambulance prior to be taken into custody.

John Harolds August 05, 2012 at 04:18 AM
This person sounds like someone who should get the maximum penalty and then some. We do not need these small time,brain dead individuals loose. Innocent people and law enforcement should not be put in danger by anyone of so little importance. Throw the book at him. 25 years I hope.
Concerned Mom August 06, 2012 at 06:04 AM
I am completely shocked that the Sheriff continued this chase as long as they did, especially near the golf course and into residents backyards, where someone could've been seriously hurt or killed. At what point is the safety of the general public put ahead of catching the idiot that is speeding away? I also think that the judge should give him the max sentence ++.


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