Driver Loses Control, Crashes into Space Aliens Restaurant Property

A Saturday afternoon scare sent one driver to the hospital in Albertville.

A driver lost control of her vehicle Saturday afternoon and veered off into the Space Aliens parking lot, finally crashing to a stop against the Space Aliens Restaurant in Albertville after hitting a small retaining wall and some landscaping. 

According to the Albertville Fire Department, the driver, who has not been identified, was alone and headed west along Wright County Road 37 when she lost control. 

The driver, a paraplegic, was using hand controls on her steering wheel to control the car but couldn't navigate the curve just to the east of the Space Aliens property.

She was transported by ambulance for injuries, but they were not believed to be life-threatening or serious. 

The accident happened between the lunch and dinner rush hours, so the parking lot was not full. Property damage was limited to the car that lost control and the restaurant, Albertville Fire Chief Tate Mills suspected. 


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