Help Out St. Michael, Albertville Firefighters: Shovel a Route to Fire Hydrants

Take a few minutes and shovel out a route to the hydrant in your neighborhood. You might be very glad you did.

This hydrant isn't going to help anyone very quickly.
This hydrant isn't going to help anyone very quickly.
Imagine getting a call that your neighbor across town has a fire in his chimney, and you're needed at the Albertville Fire Station. 

You hop in your truck, get into your gear and join your crew in an Albertville Fire truck. 

You arrive on seen, pull hoses and are ready to rock. But, you have to wait 10 minutes while the guys shovel a route from the street to the water hydrant on the corner of the block. 

In short, help you firefighters out. Shovel a route from the road to the hydrant on your block. You might just save someone's home. 


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