Otsego Man Who Accused Neighbor of Racist Threats Now Charged with Crimes

A man who went to KARE 11 earlier this summer with a supposed plot against he and his wife has now been accused with staging the entire thing, and faces criminal charges.

Residents of an Otsego townhome on Lachman Avenue said earlier this summer .

In fact, a Wright County Sheriff’s Office has revealed it was the husband who trumped up the harassment incidents, going so far as to injure the couple’s dog and slash the tires on a vehicle.

In June, the community was in arms over the possibility that the apparently racist attacks on the couple had taken place, making several comments to Patch about a KARE 11 story that ran earlier this summer.

“Some people are so ignorant. I know how it feels I was in a mixed relationship and have mixed children,” said one commenter.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Department revealed their investigation, conducted over the summer, showed Demetrius Baker Jr. was allegedly trying to “control” his fiancee, Michelle Cardinal by staging the incidents.

KARE 11 has followed up on the story this week.

Baker is being charged in Wright County with stalking and mistreatment of animals.

Al Anderson August 23, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Mike - thanks for having the courage to post the follow-up article to this faux racist attack. I will add however, that the original article should never have been featured - given the unsubstantiated nature of the story. This " jump to conclusions" nature of the media and some of the population is one of the many things wrong with the country today. I don't know that the "community" was up in arms about the possibility of the original claim as you state in the article....I know many people who were "up in arms" about the looseness of journalistic standards in KSTP and the Patch featuring this story without the facts being vetted. As far as Im concerned -- Demetrius Baker should be charged with a "hate crime" ....after all - isn't this an instance that liberals would say it qualifies for? (Sarcasm) In actuality -- a crime is a crime -- the government should never be legislating thoughts -- only actions as pertains to taking away rights of others. Lastly, I hope the commenter who said “Some people are so ignorant. I know how it feels I was in a mixed relationship and have mixed children,”, has the courage to post online and apologize for her comments directed at the offended party.
Al Anderson August 23, 2012 at 06:08 PM
KARE 11 -- not KSTP, by the way. KARE 11 AND WCCO are the worst locally for featuring unverified stories.
Hope August 23, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Oh yes, most of the community was up in arms by jumping to conclusions! Plenty of ridiculous comments on this site and on Kare11's facebook page feeling sorry for Demetrius Baker without hearing both sides of the story. Makes me sick that so many people jumped to conclusions and bad mouthed the Wright county sheriff dept. and wanted to harm the other neighbor. There was an ongoing investigation and NO evidence that the other neighbor did one thing!! I knew the truth would come out in the end.... and it did!! Karma's a B****.
JoJo August 25, 2012 at 02:20 AM
What is it with this area and accusations of racism now? It's so frustrating! A couple weeks ago I called the police to report, as directed by city hall, that the magazine saleman who didn't have a permit was walking down a street near my home and they could catch him easily to fine him or whatever it was the city was trying to get done to move him out. There had been several complaints of him being rude and aggressive when people said no to his lengthy sales pitch, and I was one who endured at least 15 minutes chatting with him and having to finally shut my door in his face. I described the man as wearing a baggy pale yellow business suit, having some sort of black rag on his head, walking down X street, and that he was black. In that order. Later the city office told me that because I mentioned his race I was possibly being racist and they (the police) were going to "just talk to him" rather than take action about his blatent daily lawbreaking in our neighborhoods. I am SO glad to hear that in the story above, the police actually investigated and came to the truth!


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