Possible Arson Levels 14 Storage Units at Albertville Business

The fire, which was reported shortly before 2 a.m. this morning, started in a southern unit at Stan's Storage and burned through 13 others. Police and local fire departments are assisting Albertville Fire in the investigation.

An early morning fire has leveled 14 storage units at in Albertville, burning up possessions and destroying half of one of the large buildings in the complex. 

The call came in around 1:50 a.m. Wednesday, said Albertville Fire Chief Tate Mills. When crews arrived, several units were "fully involved" and the men had to scramble to keep the fire from spreading. 

"We battle until about 3 a.m., or about an hour," Mills said. "We called St. Michael for assistance right away, which is normal for a structural fire. We had 20 to 25 guys here, and it was pretty hectic." 

The building, which consisted mostly of sheet metal and no insulation to speak of, burned hot. Firefighters who weren't knocking down flames braved the heat to enter units and tried to rescue what was inside, incluing a small boat, furniture and toys. 

The fire appeared to be set by someone, Mills said. 

"It looks pretty suspicious. We've had the Wright County Sheriff's Department here most of the morning, and other fire investigators from around the county have helped us look through the scene. It doesn't look good," he added.

Wright County will continue to pour through the site with an investigation team, and will not offer comment with an open case. The Albertville Fire Department will hand the scene over to the State Fire Marshal.

The owner of the unit where the fire started, No. 70, was contacted right away, Mills said, and that person will be questioned. The owners of the 13 other units destroyed by the blaze will be contacted today by managment at Stan's Storage. 

Anyone who might have information on the fire should call the Wright County Sheriff's Department at 763-682-1162.


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