Wright County Sheriff's Office Confirms Report of Attempted Abduction in Albertville

Scott Halonen from Wright County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that there was a report of an attempted abduction in Albertville Saturday night.

Wright County Sheriffs Office confirmed late Sunday that they did receive a report of an attempted abduction Saturday night.

The official statement reads:

"On September 1 at 7:58 p.m. Wright County Sheriffs Office [WCSO] received a report from a residence in Albertville in regards to a suspicious incident in the 5000 block of Kalland Ave NE.  Upon arrival the deputies talked with a 15 year old female who reported that two unknown males asked her to get into their van while she was out walking.

The van was described as an off white or greyish colored, older conversion van with a sliding side door and dark colored windows. The driver was reported to be an older, heavy set, bald white male wearing a black sweatshirt.  The passenger was believed to be a skinny, tall white male possibly in his 20's wearing a grey sweatshirt and blue jeans. 

The WCSO is still investigating this incident and anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area around this time is encouraged to call 911 to report it."

Wright County Sheriffs Office confirmed that this is the second reported abduction attempt reported in the St. Michael-Albertville area recently. The other

Many differing reports of this incident and other supposed incidents have spread through the community and social media last night and this morning which was in part much of the delay on receiving a statement today.

"I spent most of the morning managing phone calls with a lot of differing stories and facts," Sargent Scott Halonen reported earlier today. "Social media has changed the way we are able to do our jobs, sometimes it works to our advantage and sometimes it makes it harder," he said.

Stories on social media today varied greatly. Some reported the attempted abduction was an 11 year old, others said 14. Some reported the incident took place on Karston Avenue, still others said Karston Drive.

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Eugene Newcombe September 05, 2012 at 08:40 PM
I am a candidate for state representative and the issue that sparked me to run is the ever increasing number of sex offenders being released into our communities after relatively short prison sentences. I am finding very little support for keeping sex offenders in prison for long prison terms. People are mainly concerned about the never ending issues like taxes, big government, spending, and the economy. There are 7500 registered sex offenders living among us throughout Minnesota: how many are driving around right this minute looking for victims? I wonder why people are more interested in saving a buck on their taxes than protecting woman and children from known sex offenders. Eugene
Al Anderson September 05, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Eugene The answer may lie in that people are frustrated with the misuse of taxpayer dollars in the criminal justice system, rather than them trying to "save a buck" on locking up sex offenders or violent criminals for a longer period of time.
Bethann September 05, 2012 at 08:58 PM
I live on Kalland Ave NE and I was shocked to read the news. Everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled and call if you see a van that might fit, with a drive that fits either description. Don't forget plate. I have a 20 year old daughter and a 17 year old son and I worry now when they take walks. Make sure your kids have cell phones on them and if they see any van, move away. It's so sad our kids have to worry like this, but there are people like this out there and you have to worry. I see a lot of young children playing unsupervised all the time. Just cause we don't live in the heart of a big city, you still need to keep a watchful eye on your little ones. Also, there are a lot of foreclosed homes right now, sitting vacant. Many have garbage and belongings outside all over the place. It is like a red light to thiefs. There is one close to me that I called police to see if they would check it out since I have seen people picking through the stuff and cars stopping to look. Sure enough a screen was removed and a window open. Police re secured residents and is trying to get bank or owner to clean mess. This stuff brings the type of people we don't want in our neighborhood. We all need to report anything suspicious to police to keep our neighborhood save. Just info for the neighborhood. I want all the kids and homes to be save.
Eugene Newcombe September 06, 2012 at 12:09 AM
I too am frustrated with the wasteful spending that goes on throughout government, but we must keep that frustration in context. The answer to wasteful spending isn’t to let rapist go with short sentences so they will be free to rape again and again. Two of the three Level 3 predatory offenders at the halfway house in Monticello have more than 1 rape conviction: I am really surprised so few people are concerned. In any event, I will keep trying to get the laws changed to better protect citizens; unfortunately, without the peoples support no change to current law will be forthcoming.
Rick September 06, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Bethann, all due respect, get a few neighbors and go clean the place up. Call the Sheriff before you do so in case another concerned neighbor calls the Sheriff and reports you as a possible thief. This will prevent three deputies from showing up at your front door asking questions. Trust me ;-) The other thing is a foreclosed home it is whomever holds the title to the house to be responsible for adhering to the city code. If the lawn is a disaster etc. call the city and tell them about it. Eugene, I commend you running for state rep, but there is much more to state government than simply changing laws regarding sexual predators/rapists. I agree, the incarceration times need to be looked at, but so does a myriad of other issues in this state, and spending is one of them.


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