Absentee Voting For November Election Begins Today

If you are going to be gone over Election Day, now is the time to plan ahead and vote absentee.

While the election in November may seem a long time away, it's not too early to look at your calendar and plan ahead when it comes to voting. While Minnesota doesn't offer early voting, those who will be unable to vote on Election Day can vote anytime starting Friday until the day before the election.

There are four reasons to vote absentee:

1. If you will be absent on election day. [Think: that cruise you might be taking come November, or college students who go to school away from home.]

2. If you are ill or disabled.

3. If you are an election judge in another precinct.

4. If you will be observing a religious holiday.

To apply to vote absentee, you can print out an application from the Secretary of State website and turn it in to your respective City Hall.

Once turned in, you can vote that day in person or you can vote via USPS mail.

"While anyone can pick up an application for someone, the ballot can only be given to the voter and must be returned by the voter either in person or via USPS mail," St. Michael City Clerk Diana Berning said. She expects over 1,000 absentee voters of the 5,300 registered voters.

"A witness is needed, and the city offices can be a witness," Albertville City Clerk Kim Olson said. If you are unable to vote at a city office, a notary public must be used.

If you are not registered to vote yet and want to vote absentee your identification card or drivers license with a current name and address will be needed. If you've recently moved and your identification has your old address a current utility bill with current address will work.

Absentee voting can take place anytime starting Friday, Sept. 21 until the end of business on Nov. 5, with special hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat. Nov. 3.

"We do have 'I Voted' stickers for absentee voters too," Berning said noting many voters still want to wear their sticker on election day.

Albertville City Hall will start accepting absentee voters on Monday because they are closed on Fridays. St. Michael City Hall will start accepting absentee voters today.

Linda Borchardt September 24, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Many of our current St Michael residents work out of town, even out of state, and that would be another great reason to use the absentee ballot.


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