Albertville Council Terminates Administrator's Contract

The Albertville City Council, by a 3-2 vote, ended its contract with city administrator Larry Kruse, who had served the community since 2003.

A divided Albertville City Council voted 3-2 to end its relationship with Albertville City Administrator Larry Kruse, effective May 1, at its regular meeting held Monday night at .

Despite comments in support of Kruse during the public comment portion of the meeting, Mayor Mark Meehan discussed openly a "closed door" Monday meeting he had with Kruse, where he said he raised several issues expressed to him by city staff members, local businesses and in particular council member Jillian Hendrickson.

"Larry serves at the will of the council," Meehan said. "There was a consensus, among a number of people" that Kruse was not able to do the job as the council desired.

In dissenting, members Dan Wagner and Larry Sorensen each expressed their surprise in the matter. Member John Vetsch, who wound up being the "swing" vote, said Kruse's inability to grow the city's business sector was his deciding factor.

"What has he really done since he got here," Vetsch asked.

The official motion stated the council wanted a "change in direction" at the leadership position, something Kruse himself suggested.

A complete breakdown of the three hour meeting will be posted later on St. Michael Patch.

Rick April 18, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Mike, not to argue with you, but there is still plenty of undeveloped land in Albertville for building. The real issue here is (imho of course) people in this city for some unknown reason want Albertville to become some huge metropolis. I moved here to get away from that. Everything I need is within ten miles, yet people are clamoring for bix box stores (won't happen, population density isn't and won't be there) and industry to move into town. On another front, businesses and this economy will NOT move with the current regulatory environment that was elected in to office Nov. 2008. Business is now slighly growing and hiring namely because of the amount of people retiring. Businesses were not replacing those people at first, now they're forced to. When you have a gvmt. that wants to close every coal fired powerplant and prevent pipelines from being built adding to the cost of energy we ALL pay, we'll have a moribund economy. Look at your electric bill. If it goes up 5% can you afford it? Probably and if not you can unplug something. How about the factory whose bill is $5,000 A DAY? That's about an extra $7,500 a month. And that's just the electric bill. How about the health care bill that will soak business? How about 1,100 new regulations added to the books last year? Companies are being fined for violations they knew nothing about unless of course they hire a consulting firm to do it for them, adding to the cost of business.
Rick April 18, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Continued: So manufacturing goes overseas and people scratch their heads wondering why. The answer is to get this current crop out of DC and get business friendly people in there. Firing Larry Kruse was not the answer. Merging cities is not the answer. Getting useless regualtions and government out of our lives would certainly be a good start though
Rick April 18, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Mike Schoemer wrote and asked me to opine on this, a little more detail... Let me make myself perfectly clear; I have zero inside knowledge nor has anyone approached me about my comment above of sexual harrassment. What I did do was read all of the comments above particularly "SH's" comment that Hendrickson was the point person and had approached Meehan about this. No one else had received complaints about Kruse which leaves me to wonder since Hendrickson is the only female board member, she is obviously more approachable with women who have experienced or been subjected to harrassment. Was it all business members complaining? City employees? Both? It appears it was more business owners, but that's just my observation. What I am really disturbed about is how this whole episode came about. Obviously since Kruse refused to resign at the Mayors request, then I doubt there's a skeleton in the closet. I'm bothered because the whole scene took on the appearance of a hit job. If there was an issue with Kruse and it was justified, the Council should have done the dignified thing and met with Kruse closed door. Employees can receive reviews and feedback as often as the employer wants to give them. Then reading the comments about the body language by some of the council members reeks of arrogance. Maybe come this November it's clean sweep time of this council.
Mike Schoemer April 24, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Rick, thanks for clarifying. (See follow-up)
Whitney Houston April 26, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Rick, since you and Mr. S seem close to this situation. Was the Councilwomen pressured to hold back the information? This whole thing stinks to high heaven and it all starts and ends here with assumptions and character assassinations. Why did the city hire this city administrator after he was "Let go of his previous 3 city's", He probably thought that he could hold strong and the councilwomen would backdown. Councilman Soraenson and Kruse seem to have a tight relationship. Strange.........


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