Papers Filed in Court Confirm Koch Had Relationship with Brodkorb

Documents filed by an attorney for fired Senate GOP Senate spokesperson Michael Brodkorb confirm Koch's "inappropriate relationship."

After nearly four months of speculation, there is documented proof that the "inappropriate relationship" that led to Wright County Sen. Amy Koch's resignation and removal as the Senate Majority Leader was with former Senate GOP spokesperson Michael Brodkorb.

According to reports filed by several news outlets yesterday, Brodkorb's attorney, Phil Villaume, detailed the relationship in briefs he submitted in court this week as part of a possible/pending wrongful termination suit Brodkorb is expected to file against the Minnesota State Senate.

In mid-December, three Senators confronted Koch about the affair, leading her to and to announce that she would not be seeking another term as the Senator from District 19 in 2012 (now District 29).

A day later, Brodkorb, who also sereved as Koch's executive assistant was fired from his position with the GOP Senate. The reason was never given. Senate Secretary Cal Ludeman said Brodkorb was an "at-will" employee, and could be removed at any time.

Both Koch and Brodkorb were , which ultimately led to the temporary shutdown of the state government. Brodkorb and Koch teamed up for media briefings after negotiation meetings with Gov. Mark Dayton, and Brodkorb was the main source for media updates when both sides agreed on a no-comment police during negotiations after the shutdown began.

Koch issued for her role in the relationship back on Dec. 22, stating she "made some mistakes and errors in judgment, for which I am deeply sorry, by engaging in a relationship with a Senate staffer."

Secretary Ludeman also said Wednesday the state would not mediate any sort of rift between Brodkorb and the Senate.


*This story has been corrected to state the Secretary of the Senate would be responsible for any mediation between the Senate body and Brodkorb. St. Michael Patch regrets the error and any confusion.

Genuinely Curious March 16, 2012 at 04:59 PM
I wonder if Senator Koch is in support of the so-called "protecting the sanctity of marriage" amendment that her GOP cohorts are so vehemently in support of...makes ya wonder...
Michele Fobbe March 23, 2012 at 01:45 AM
"Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone" Jesus,Son of God


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