Michele Bachmann Reacts to President Obama's State of the Union Address

The sixth congressional district representative released her response shortly after the speech Tuesday night.

OUTSIDE MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Sixth Congressional Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) released the following statement after President Barack Obama's Tuesday night State of the Union address:

"Tonight, we heard more of the same calls for bigger government—and smaller citizens—from President Obama. In his first term, President Obama’s answer to America’s economic challenges has been to tax more and spend more. Four years later, the unemployment rate is higher today than when the President was first sworn into office. The number of Americans on food stamps has soared by more than 46 percent—up to 47 million people. And median household incomes have dropped by 7 percent.

"These are not just numbers, they are real people with real stories. From small town bankers in Kimball, MN to job creators in Watertown, MN, the small business owners I’ve talked with are telling me that increased taxes and burdensome regulations are crippling their businesses and hurting their bottom line.

"When government takes even more of what we make, then we get to keep a lot less of what we earn. Sadly, that doesn’t lead to increasing wages or bringing down the basic costs of living for most people.

"When it comes to investing in our future, we need to reprioritize our spending to achieve objectives that will help all Americans, not just well-connected donors or companies with high-paid lobbyists. All spending isn't created equal. Too much money from President Obama’s stimulus package made its way to companies associated with his political contributors. Imagine if we spent that money on new roads and bridges that Americans desperately need.

"In Minnesota’s Sixth District, for example, we have real transportation needs. We need to expand I-94 and upgrade Highway 10. We’re also working towards regular air service out of the St. Cloud Airport to a major hub like Chicago. Just like the new Stillwater Bridge, these important projects will yield direct economic benefits to the community. These are the type of job-creating projects worthy of further investment – not politically-connected companies like the bankrupt Solyndra.

"Instead of President Obama’s laundry list of big government proposals, we should be laser-focused on getting to a stable, growing economy where wages expand and the cost of daily items like groceries and gas go down.  Here are a few solutions to grow the economy:

  • Legalize America’s abundant energy resources, which would lead to an explosion in jobs and economic growth. The Keystone XL Pipeline is one commonsense example.
  • Reform and simplify the tax code to make America more competitive in the global economy. America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, which hinders economic growth.
  • Expand school choice to make a quality education accessible to help every child succeed in school and life.  Making more classes available online would also help retrain our workforce.
  • Focus on free market health care solutions that give patients more choices. The onerous medical device tax from Obamacare cripples innovation and sends jobs overseas. It must be repealed.

"Despite the bleak economic numbers from the last four years, I remain optimistic. Our nation’s history has been built upon the triumph of hard work and ingenuity. We ventured west, we invented, we went to space. No matter the obstacle, we overcame it. It’s in our blood as a nation. Our future and our children are depending on our getting the economy right."

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mike savick February 22, 2013 at 03:37 PM
You don't know here to start becasue you didn't read my comment or any thing else. I acknowledged that the president is term limited (in parenthesis) but the tea party is still acting like they are trying to prevent his reelection. The debrt ceiling is a bogus concept because Congress and the president already allocated and spent hte money in the budget process. You nave no proof to delays for health care.
Rick February 23, 2013 at 09:00 AM
Interesting that money has been spent and Obama still has never submitted a budget. No proof for delays of health care? Mike, exactly what do you think is going to happen with a minimum of 32,000,000 people added to the health system and don't have to pay one cent for it? And what do you think will happen when the illegal aliens that are here are made honorary citizens, which is tantamount to a punch in my gut as well as everyone else who emigrated here and did it legally? And speaking of my moving here, I am formerly Canadian. I have personally experienced the "great system that Canada has as many Americans like to say. Funny though... When I ask my fellow citizens when was the last time they were treated in a Canadian hospital, they get very quiet. When was the last time you were in a Canadian hospital Mike? I have relatives who work in health care up there. They say it's actually worse now than before I moved here. It is attrocious. The hospitals are overburdened from lack of staffing and facilities. Get a smack on the head and have concussion like symptoms? Good luck getting an MRI. Preventative healthcare? Good luck. My Uncle died of colon cancer Mike, as you know a very treatable disease. Canada has destroyed it's military to save it's healthcare system. They got away with it because we're their neighbors. Who are we going to turn to when we have to pilliage our military budget to support this coming onslaught of spending?
mike savick February 23, 2013 at 09:40 PM
We are already paying an extroadinarily high price for uninshured people. Health care facilities and professionals are required, as they should be, to treat all emergencies and diagnose and treat severe illness. Uninsured people also get sick and lack of coverage become a drag on the system. Uninsured people wait until they are extremely ill, cost more to treat with out reimbursement and lose more wages. In rural areas of Canada and the US where there isn't a concentration of healthcare facilities care is less available because of geography. Health care is rationed now depending geography, employment and what your employer, if you have one, is willing to cover and contribute to the costs. People who work several part time jobs get no benefits at all. $7000 deductables can be very intimidating. In the mean time how much are you willing to spend in taxes to deport 11 or 12 million people? Whidh militrary bases of defenes contracts are you volunteering to close to cut expenses? Fortunately you can't become president, but if the US has becoming something so terrible and you are feeling so abused, you can become Canadian again.
Rick February 24, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Mike, I find your comments degrading and insulting. Don't attempt to deflect from the dialogue by slamming me. While you may not agree with my comments, you could be more respectful in digesting my opinion and looking at things from the other side. Quite simply, this country has many ills. Where does one stop after free health care? This country gives everyone unbridled opportunity. We make what we want of ourselves here. No other country on this planet offers the chances to get ahead as this one. That is outlined quite succinctly in the Constitution via the equal protection clause. My point is this. I am not one for rewarding someone for sitting on their rear end and doing nothing. But as we continue down this path of entitlements (and that's a gross misuse of that word if anything) sooner or later the people riding in the cart will overwhelm those whom are pulling it. You want to see anarchy? Wait until the free ride ends. I think it's a pure disgrace that the democratic party has taken to hand out freebies in order to get votes. Yes, you can throw out the vaunted "tax breaks for corporations," but that is a moot argument. I don't follow your military comment. Canada destroyed their military to support their healthcare Our society has created these ills. We no longer value marriage and child rearing like we once did. We have ostracized religion. Our moral compass has been shattered. Drug and alcohol usage is championed by Hoolywood. So should we expect anything else?
Michael Hindin February 25, 2013 at 09:09 PM
My moral compasS is fine. No one seems to be attacking Canada. My adult children are well raised and great people. I don't have to enforce my religion on others. My marriage is not threatened by anyone else deciding to marry or not. There are challenges yet to be met in the US including equal opportunities for all. Check the disparity in pay for women and persons of color. I'm told by conservative economists that tax breaks "distort the market" when alternative energy sources ask for them but not when oil companies get them? Why is special tax treatment for oil companies etc a "moot point?" The price of fuels are artificially fixed on a "global market" when very little oil is imported any more. Someone has indigestion in Saudi and North Dakota and Canadian crude go up in Minnesota? How convenient for the Koch brothers who have the largest refininery within trucking distance of Minnesta.


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