UPDATE: Mary Wetter and Mike Potter Move on After Minnesota Primary

Wetter will advance to the November election from Wright County District 4. Albertville's Mike Potter earned second, and will square off with her Nov. 8.

UPDATE (2 p.m. Weds., Aug. 15) Wright County has confirmed there were NO ballots cast in Hanover Precinct No. 3, so the results stand as listed below. 

Mike Potter of Albertville will square off with Mary Wetter of Rockford for the District 4 seat. 


UPDATE (9:03 a.m. Weds., Aug. 15): The Secretary of State has update its site to reflect the correct St. Michael Precinct 1B results. 

With five of six precincts reporting (Hanover P-3 still shows up as straight zeroes), here's the unofficial count for Wright County District 4: 

Mary Wetter - 229

Mike Potter - 199

David Dayon -184

Michael Beyer - 147

Matt Walker - 137

St. Michael Patch will post final results when available.  


Unofficial results show that soil and water supervisor Mary Wetter of Wright County will be successful in her attempt to get to the November election for the county commission, getting the most votes in the District 4 primary. 

Who her opponent will be remains a mystery, as a Tuesday night had incorrect numbers from St. Michael Precinct 1A, and no results from a small precinct in Hanover. 

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Wetter, according to Patch's calcualtions, had 225 votes with five of six precincts reporting. Patch used state and City of St. Michael results to determine the vote tally. Only Hanover P-3 precinct, a hand-counted area, had yet to report. 

In second, as of 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, was Albertville's Mike Potter, a veteran of local politics looking to advance to November. He had 199 votes according to our count. 

St. Michae's David Dayon was in third, bringing in 182 votes. But Dayon might have Hanover support. He's known in that area via his involvement with the St. Michael Planning Commission and EDA.

Matt Walker had 136 votes according to our count. Michael Beyer of Rockford was in fourth with 146 votes. 

Results will be updated, then canvassed by counties at special meetings later this week. 

In other races, former Secretary of State and Minnesota House member Mary Kiffmeyer advanced after a primary challenge from Paul Bolin in Senate District 30. 

Kiffmeyer will advance to take on DFLer . 

"Big money wins again," tweeted Bolin after he saw the votes. Kiffmeyer built a 2-to-1 margin with just half the precincts reporting early Tuesday night. 

In state judicial races, with the two top candidates in each nonpartisan race move forward to the November 2012 election, there were some surprises. With the majority of state precincts reporting, as of 12:30 a.m. Aug. 15, the results were: 

Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice

In the Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice race, incumbent Lorie Skjerven Gildea along with Dan Griffith will move forward to the general election. Skjerven Gildea received nearly 50 percent of the votes, Griffith received about 29 percent of the votes. Jill Clark came in third with approximately 20 percent of the votes.

 Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Seat 4

In the Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Seat 4 race, incumbent David Stras as well as Tim Tingelstad will move forward to the general election. David Stras received about 49 percent of the votes, Tingelstad received approximately 29 percent of the votes. Alan Nelson came in third with about 21percent of the vote.

4th District Court 22 Judge

For 4th District Court 22 Judge race, Elizabeth Cutter and Steve E. Antolak will move onto the general election after beating Diane M. Krenz and Deborah Russell.

In the U.S. Senate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar easily won the U.S. Senate DFL Primary. She will face Republican-endorsed Kurt Bills, whose Primary was a bit closer than pundits expected. With 88.2 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Bills led David Carlson 51 percent to 35 percent.

Rick August 16, 2012 at 05:41 AM
This is the real disgrace. As much as people scream and yell about "judicial activism" the turnout for the primary was a joke. If people were truly concerned, the polls would have been packed just for the fact of voting the judicial candidates for the November election.
Susan Rego August 16, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Hanover P-3 is reporting zeroes because it doesn't have any homes in it yet.


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