What Impact Will Tuesday's Iowa Caucuses Have on St. Michael?

St. Michael and Albertville's representative in U.S. Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann, will make her first stand in Iowa tomorrow night, where she was a winner last summer. What, if any, ramifications will Tuesday's vote have on STMA?

St. Michael-Albertville's political future, at a national level, could have a few questions answered after Tuesday night's Iowa Caucuses, and we'll have live coverage right here on St. Michael Patch courtesy of our Patch locations in the state of Iowa.

Reports will file in from West Des Moines and Cedar Falls, among others, as Tuesday night's first big test for the national Repbulican nomination takes place. 

You can join the conversation by checking back here Tuesday night, as we bring back our "Cover it Live" chats, which were very popular during the local school district referendum vote last November. 

Will Rep. Michele Bachmann see her campaign for the presidential nomination come to a close with a loss at Iowa? What will that mean for her political future? Will she return to the halls of Congress as a representative from the Sixth District, which includes most of ? 

Many of the answers to those questions figure to play out on national stage Tuesday. We'll bring that to a local level for you here on St. Michael Patch, and allow you to participate in the process by voicing your opinion, even if you can't cast a vote. 

Happy in St. Michael January 03, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Ron Paul will win in Iowa! Woo hoo. Bachmann will FINALLY make the decision to drop out of the Presidential race. She's sold us out to support tax increases, NDAA (THE WORST law EVER enacted...BE AFRAID!), the Patriot Act, bailouts, etc. Plus, she never shows up for votes but is still being paid to be our congresswoman. I supported her campaigns in the past, but I won't again unless I know she'll stick to the principles of small government and Constitutional freedom that she spouts like crazy but has yet to follow.
Stephen S Barthel January 03, 2012 at 06:02 PM
You better hope that Ron Paul does not win, IF you really want to replace Obama. He's rather old and does have some very good ideas as well as some stupid ones. Jobs and the economy is what's critical in this election. It's the National election you have to be concerned about, not who the extreme right wants as their man. You need to win the Independents over, which is why Romney stands a better chance over Obama. In other words, the Tea Party put Obama into office by putting McCain and Palin in - too extreme for Independents! The Tea Party may repeat this again in Iowa by choosing another "Maverick" to the GOP by choosing Ron Paul, but after Iowa it's a rough road for extremists. Romney is more experienced in his campaign. Everyone's made blunders under stress. Be realistic and stop the jumping from one corrupt right-winger to another. If you really want to replace Obama, then unite behind Romney, who is the only one that can really pull in vast Independent voters. If Romney does not pander to the extremely wealthy and can show how he intends to revitalize the middle class, he just may get my vote. If he is for the mega-$ people, I may vote Obama, again. Remember, Bush got us into the over-spending mess. I head no complaining from Republicans about his blunders.


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