St. Michael Monkeys and Munchkins: Elementary Essays

St. Michael Elementary School fourth-graders reflect on their time performing in the high school Wizard of Oz musical.


A month ago, St. Michael Elementary School students dressed as monkeys and munchkins took the stage at St. Michael-Albertville High School to participate in the Wizard of Oz musical.

Director Ashley Budde told St. Michael Patch in November that she pictured a large cast and crew and wanted to get the younger kids involved.

Donned in colorful attire and sporting large smiles, the younger cast frequently stirred laughter in the packed performing arts center at the performance.

Fourth-graders submitted an essay to St. Michael Patch, reflecting on their experience:

Wizard of Oz

By: Alexis P. and Maddie H.

The high school students along with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students, acting as monkeys and munchkins, performed the musical “Wizard of Oz.”

The performances took place in the high school auditorium on the 15th-18th of November.

The following students from STME were involved: Maddie H, Ava W, Alexis P, Autumn R, Meadow L, Amy H, Lauren M, Jamie L, Carter H, Addison O, Brody M, Martin S, Justyss B, Sadie M, and Sophia F.  Ashley Budde, the director of the musical works at STME in Ms. Nelson’s room

“We thought it was magical and the acting was fantastic,” said Alexis and Maddie, both 4th grade actresses involved in the musical.




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