St. Michael-Albertville High Seniors' ACT Scores Edge State and National Averages

Minnesota's ACT scores are high; St. Michael-Albertville's are higher.

For the seventh year in a row, Minnesota ranks at the top of the nation for ACT scores out of the 28 states where over 50 percent of students utilize this test as their college prep exam of choice. St. Michael-Albertville’s 2012 graduating seniors edged past the state average, with a score of 23.2 out of a possible 36, compared with the state average of 22.8 and national average of 21.1.

Only New England states could top Minnesota’s scores-the majority of them bested Minnesota’s score by a narrow margin-but the comparison is not as accurate because these are states with a low percentage of students taking the ACT versus the SAT. The New England students who opt to take the ACT in addition to their more commonplace SAT are likely to be the higher-flying students.

74 percent of Minnesota seniors, or nearly 45,000 students, took the exam last year. Only 10 percent of the state’s college bound seniors take the SAT compared with 46 percent nationally, according to Minnesota’s Office for Higher Education, who says the majority of Minnesota seniors who take the SAT are applying to selective out-of-state colleges.

STMA superintendent Dr. Jim Behle said the school district continues to look for ways to improve college readiness.

“Reading and writing are so important,” he said. “Teachers in grades 5-12 are focusing on college and career readiness standards in reading and writing in order for students to be better prepared for college English courses as well as the reading and writing demands of all college courses.”

Do you think you’re smarter than a high school senior? Check HERE for some sample questions that students would answer correctly if they score at or above college readiness benchmarks. 


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