Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs on St. Michael School Grounds

A "real life" science project makes its second annual appearance at Big Woods Elementary

Though the spring has been cold, life still follows its course. 

Students at Big Woods Elementary are following a mallard duck hen that has settled into the landscaping on school grounds. 

According to the school, the ducks pick a different nest each year, and the camera has been moved to accomodate. As for the number of future ducklings? There are a "baker's dozen" this year. 

Footage of the duck, including last year's hatchlings, can be seen here

The 2011 brood is beginning to hatch. 

The school has also hosted a "Wood Duck Cam" and covered a local owls' nest as well. 

Mike Schoemer May 02, 2011 at 07:46 PM
Cutest thing ever. We had one in our BACK YARD last year.
Lisa Peterson May 03, 2011 at 01:11 AM
We had two in our front yard before Church!!! Clearly - Mallards love The Patch. :)
CALIFORNIA HATCHERY May 04, 2011 at 06:13 AM
We have mallards and mallard hatching eggs for sale at http://www.californiahatchery.com. We have free shipping on all hatching eggs!
Happy in St. Michael June 03, 2011 at 01:50 PM
A pair find their way to our front porch several times each year, which the kids love, though they're not leaving eggs behind. :)
Katharine Russ September 21, 2011 at 01:38 AM
Be careful boya and girls- In the United States, migratory birds, including most waterfowl, as well as their nests and eggs, are federally protected (50 CFR 10.12) by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) (16 USC. 703711). The Mallard is on the list of federally protected birds.


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