Parent Talk: Shopping for School Supplies

It's August, otherwise known as Back to School month, Patch wants to know how your family does the school supply shopping thing?

School supplies have been on the shelves for nearly a month already, some say certain supplies are already picked over. Now that August is here, the real surge in shopping for supplies is expected to hit and for some of us parents, it's not our most favorite time.

I took mine to Target last week and am happy to report that while I was able to keep my cool another nearby mom wasn't.

She gave up the battle, threw the supplies they had already chosen into a bin and left. Empty handed.

I can't say I blame her. With kids in three different schools and four different class lists, it's easy to get overwhelmed and simply annoyed with the shopping process.

While our 8th grader's list was super specific with certain colored notebooks and folders, our 1st grader's list left all the options open.

It's easy to say no characters and simple, plain folders and notebooks only until you're standing in the school supply aisle with a six year old who just has to have that Star Wars folder.

While speaking with a local dad, he said in their house they choose a theme, either all Batman or all Star Wars and such to save on the discussion but the money adds up.

Still yet another local mom said they do only solid colored "plain" folders and notebooks to save a little money where she can.

How does your family school supply shop? Do mom and dad make all the decisions or do the kids get to choose?


Bex August 02, 2012 at 01:56 PM
It's been a long time, but I remember the anticipation and excitement of getting ready for a new school year. Oh the joy of holding a brand new box of crayons and smelling the rubber cement (told ya it's been a long time :) ). I take my kids shopping for their things separately. It makes for two trips and takes more time, but doing it this way means that each of the kids gets my undivided attention, they get to pick out their own things (relative to the list) and their own clothes (without the other sibling's opinion). Also, this way, I'm not trying to listen to two kids and look at two lists at once. After shopping is done, we go on a date to get a bite to eat (something inexpensive, since the school shopping is done :) ) and then we go to the Caribou drive through, because by then I need a pick-me-up! Have fun everyone!
Ann August 02, 2012 at 01:59 PM
This year we took a hint from my 6th graders list and color coordinated folders and notebooks. That way they know that when they go to class X they take the red notebook/folder and class Y gets the green notebook/folder and so on. My middle schoolers like this so it saves them more time (to socialize) between classes. My younger student took foam stickers and decorated her notebooks and folders with her own personal flair...I hope the teacher appreciates it.
Trish August 02, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I take my kids at different times so I don't loose it!! LOL!! It's overwhelming with 2 seperate lists. I am going this weekend to start the process. Yuck! We always buy tennis shoes b4 school starts, but we don't buy fall clothes until mid / late September becuase it's too hot and they can't wear them yet.
LaToya MrsDiva Wilson August 02, 2012 at 07:21 PM
We always go the last weekend in August. We wake up and go out for breakfast on that Saturday and then we shop until we drop! I have 3 boys (2 teens & 2nd grader) so it's pretty easy shopping . .just Tshirts, jeans and the BEST shoes of course. We then get all the supplies. We make a whole day of it hitting up 3 or 4 stores depending on their clothing preference. We then go home and present to my husband how much we SAVED . .LOL! He never wants to see the receipt! It's good for my Retail Therapy! I LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!


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