St. Michael-Albertville School Board and Cities Resolve to Find Funding for Ice

Convinced there is participation that warrants a second sheet, the cities and school board discussion on ice turned to ways to find a source of funding.

With 402 kids on the ice this year, the St. Michael-Albertville ice arena issue is still at the forefront of many minds; including the cities of Albertville, St. Michael and the District No. 885 School Board.

Much discussion took place between the council and board members and agreement was implied that the need is there.

 “The ultimate question,” Larry Kruse, Albertville city administrator said, “is where will the funding come from?”

Scott Berning, the president of the youth hockey association was present and shared with the group how dire of a situation the youth hockey players are in.

 “We are buying ice from other arenas and getting squeezed out. Some of our kids, 11-year-olds, are going to Princeton or St. Cloud and not getting home until 11 p.m.” Berning said.

 School board member Jeffrey Lindquist agreed and said, “Pretty soon this situation is going to be negatively affecting the youth hockey association and ultimately the community. This has reached a greater urgency with parents driving to St. Cloud and Princeton.”

 School board member Doug Birk talked at length about the importance of a joint effort and agreement in going to talk with Senator Amy Koch. “It’s a tough year but it’s not unprecedented to have the state fund or put money towards it.”

 As conversation wrapped up, with the board and councils in agreement, St. Michael city administrator Bob Derus agreed to draft a joint resolution to get started.

That resolution will be discussed Tuesday, Feb. 8 to the St. Michael City Council.


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